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Radon Mitigation Systems

What We Can Do For You

Certified Contractor Serving Northern Virginia, Loudoun, Fairfax, and North Prince William Counties

Residential & Commercial Specialist

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Boulder Edge can help settle your home sales quicker and improve the safety of your home. You can breathe easier knowing radon and other health threats have been minimized using EPA & NRSB approved methods.

Serving Northern Virginia, Loudoun, Fairfax, North Prince William Counties

  • Serving Northern Virginia for over 20 years
  • Fully Licensed, Insured & Certified in VA, MD, DC.
  • Residential & Commercial Radon Specialist
  • Results Below EPA Standards Guaranteed in Writing with Transferable Warranty
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • BBB A+ Rated
We specialize in Radon Mitigation, radon testing options for homeowners and real estate transactions.

Technology in Reducing Radon

  • Current radon mitigation technology has developed reliable, proven techniques for reducing radon levels in virtually any home and property, including new construction.
  • Radon mitigation systems create a closed path (via PVC pipe) for radon gas to follow from entry at concrete slab to exit above roofline.
  •  A radon fan operates 24/7/365 to pull radon gas from below concrete slab through PVC piping to exit the top and outside where it dissipates outside and no longer in your home.
  • Radon mitigation system installation should be installed in accordance with the state license/certification standards or guidance. EPA recommends hiring a radon abatement service certified by either the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) or the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB). See "About Us" for our certified credentials.

Key Approaches to Radon Mitigation Systems

Depends on home structure and property. Typical home radon mitigation techniques include: Active-slab depressurization system (ASD), and Sub-membrane depressurization (SMD) for dirt crawlspaces.

Active-Slab Depressurization (ASD)

Exterior Radon Mitigation System - Front Corner
Exterior Radon Mitigation System - Rear Corner
Exterior Radon Mitigation System - Rear Side

Exterior Radon Mitigation Systems

 Interior - Drill in Basement to Access Radon Gas

Interior - Drill in Basement to Access Radon Gas

Interior - Sump Lid Access to Radon Gas

Interior - Sump Lid Access to Radon Gas

Sub-Membrane Depressurization (SMD)  


Specific Elements of Certified Radon Mitigation Systems:

  • Process includes sealing cracks/openings in unfinished basement areas, and sump cover lids to prevent loss of vacuum pressure.
  • Depending on property, radon fans are located in attic, outside mounted on exterior of property, or in a garage attic.
  • Installation includes a manometer gauge (visual vacuum "U"-tube indicator) per RMS guidelines located on pipe in a prominent location near entry point for occupant to easily view system is functioning properly.
  • Power to radon fan is in accordance with local electric codes.
  • All portions of the system are to be labeled and include a simple instruction manual sheet, with warranties provided to the homeowner.
  • New radon mitigation systems should be retested no sooner than 48 hours (no later than 30 days) after installation to verify reduction. EPA recommends testing every two years.
  • Radon mitigation system cost depends on the property. In Northern Virginia its typically $900 – $2000.

Safety and Work Environment

As an environmental specialist, Boulder Edge takes seriously and understands the significance our role plays as we daily focus on minimizing risk for our customers by mitigating radon gas. Mitigating to reduce radon gas is an important health related solution for every property.

Boulder Edge (BEI) customarily implements Radon Mitigation Standards (RMS), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards (equipped with air-quality, dust control, electrical, chemical protection) which includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as an essential safety component of our service.

Our PPE safety measures added social-distancing upon arrival due to pandemic and through installation process inside and outside a home, with contact-less payment onsite.

Our code-compliant procedure includes following all single-family building codes regarding penetrating any firewall and re-supporting any structural bearing box joist.

All electrical work should meet or exceed local codes. The glues, solvents and materials that are used may be hazardous. You should not be in the work area during the installation. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) will be supplied upon written request.

While work is in progress the windows will be opened and portable ventilation systems may be used. Workers should wear proper clothing suitable for this type of work, and wear eye, ear, and respiratory protection when necessary. Workers should be monitored for radon exposure during the work.

We genuinely care about your health and environment!
Our mission is health and safety solutions for your well-being priced for quality and value.